Berkshire Turbo e-MTB Enduro Information

Event Description

The race format will suit anyone with a hard tail or full suspension e-bike and enough stamina for a good day’s riding.  Whilst the top riders enter to win, it’s more about getting out on your bike in a stunning location, having a go and enjoying the friendly banter.

The Race Format:

  • 5 laps of between 2 to 5km in length
  • 5 timed stages
  • Each stage will be ridden 5 times
  • Best 3 out of 5 times per stage will be added together for the final result

Instead of having 4 to 6 timed stages throughout the day you’ll get 25!

The stages on each lap can be ridden in any order in a mash-up style, with no time restraints on transfers from one stage to another.

Pedalhounds are sticking to the true ethos of enduro – there will be no practice before the racing starts, although the stages will be available for inspection on foot the day before and on the morning of the event giving everyone a level playing field.

e-Bike Categories

Restricted & Lightweight Category:  Must comply too UK EPAC Law, have a maximum output of 250watts and maximum speed 15.5mph. The bikes must be pedal assisted and not have a throttle. We rely on Riders Integrity to adhere to these rules

Open Category: Can be derestricted, maximum output of 250watts. The bikes must be pedal assisted and not have a throttle.

  • Restricted – Lightweight e-Bike Male: 14-29
  • Restricted – Lightweight e-Bike Male: 30-39
  • Restricted – Lightweight e-Bike Male: 40-49
  • Restricted – Lightweight e-Bike Male: 50+
  • Restricted – Lightweight e-Bike Women: 16+
  • Open e-Bike Male: 14-29
  • Open e-Bike Male: 30-39
  • Open e-Bike Male: 40-49
  • Open e-Bike Male: 50+
  • Open e-Bike Women: 16+

Entry Fee for All Categories: £46.50