Berkshire Turbo e-MTB Enduro Information

Event Description

The race format will suit anyone with a hard tail or full suspension e-bike and enough stamina for a good day’s riding.  Whilst the top riders enter to win, it’s more about getting out on your bike in a stunning location, having a go and enjoying the friendly banter.

The Race Format:

  • Stages can be ridden in any order in a mash-up style
  • 4 or 5 timed stages
  • Maximum of 5 runs per stage, stages can be ridden in any order
  • Best 2 times per stage count towards riders result
  • 2 runs per stage compulsory, up to 3 additional runs per stage optional
  • Transitions between stages are not timed
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 riders in each category
  • Series prizes will be awarded to the top 3 points scorers in each category. All 4 round results will count towards overall series result.
  • Entries limited to 260 riders

Timing chips are supplied for the race and collected at race registration.

Pedalhounds are sticking to the true ethos of enduro – there will be no practice before the racing starts, the stages will be available for inspection on foot the day before the event between 1 – 3pm and on the morning of the event between 7.30 – 10am giving everyone a level playing field.

These events will be run on private land and fully insured for Restricted & Open e-bike racing.


  • Limited camping will be available on Saturday night at some venues
  • Camping is £5 per person. Under 10’s are free
  • Camping must be pre-booked via the entry page
  • Campers must take all their rubbish home (do not put in Race HQ or Catering litter bins)


If you are entering anyone else in this event ask them for their SiEntries ID (not the same as their SI-Card number). If they have not registered, please ask them to do so by visiting Once you have their SiEntries ID, surname and postcode, you will be able to enter them without needing to type in any of their personal details. This will mean that their results at events in this series can be linked together and they can receive an overall series placing.

Remember: Points will only be added to riders registered on SiEntries – mates don’t let mates miss out on points!

e-Bike Categories

Restricted Category:  Must comply too UK EPAC Law, have a maximum output of 250watts and maximum speed 15.5mph. The bikes must be pedal assisted and not have a throttle or rear wheel motor. We rely on Riders Integrity to adhere to these rules.

Open Category: Can be derestricted, maximum output of 250watts. The bikes must be pedal assisted and not have a throttle or rear wheel motor.

  • Restricted e-Bike Male: 14-29
  • Restricted e-Bike Male: 30-39
  • Restricted e-Bike Male: 40-49
  • Restricted e-Bike Male: 50–59
  • Restricted e-bike Male: 60+
  • Restricted e-Bike Women: 16+
  • Open e-Bike Male: 14-29
  • Open e-Bike Male: 30-39
  • Open e-Bike Male: 40-49
  • Open e-Bike Male: 50-59
  • Open e-bike Male: 60+
  • Open e-Bike Women: 16+

Entry Fee for All Categories: £46.50